5 Reasons Why Vancouver is the Perfect Place to Study Tourism

Considering a career in tourism?

Whether you are a true Vancouverite already or an international student ready to take on the challenge, here are 5 reasons why our city is a great place to learn.

Vancouver’s tourism industry is booming

According to the Vancouver Tourism website, over 10 million people visited Vancouver last year; the highest number in our city’s history. Upon completion of your studies, there are no doubt plenty of job opportunities if you would like to stay and live here. But if travelling the world is your goal, Vancouver is still an amazing place to immerse yourself in day-to-day tourist culture before setting out to follow your career path.

Vancouver is culturally diverse

You can’t go far in this city without hearing someone with an accent or speaking a different language all together. Whether residents or visitors, the city is a cultural mosaic. Every day is an opportunity to learn to communicate more effectively with people from all different backgrounds, through cultural differences and challenges of language barriers. This is valuable life experience that will make you more adaptable to a tourism career anywhere in the world. And let’s not forget—this is also why Vancouver is home to so many amazing ethnic restaurants. Enjoy!

Vancouver has plenty of tourist attractions

If you’re studying for a career in Travel and Tourism Business Management, what better way is there to learn than to experience some world class tourist attractions firsthand? You can visit museums, galleries, the aquarium, or just take a walk around beautiful Stanley Park. For something a little more adventurous, check out Capilano Suspension Bridge, hike up the Grouse Grind, or even go whale watching! Studying to be a Flight Attendant? Vancouver has one of the best airports in the world! Study tourism here and set your standards at their highest.

Vancouver has many spots to study or relax

Need a break from trying to learn the name of every country in the world? Vancouver can provide you with pretty much anything you need to help you relax. Visit the beach, stroll through Stanley Park or Granville Island, go shopping downtown, or grab a beer at one of the many pubs or breweries in the city. Once you’re ready to study, there is always somewhere for you to go; from trendy coffee shops with free wifi, to our beautiful Vancouver Public Library.

Vancouver offers endless options for outdoor activities

Studying Adventure Tourism? Whether it be within the city or a short drive away, there are endless opportunities to get outside and do something exciting. Activities like stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, water biking, hiking, rock climbing, skydiving, zip lining, skiing, and snowboarding to name a few! Studying in Vancouver can give you the chance to experience a wide variety of activities and help you to decide where you want your Adventure Tourism career path to take you.