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Canadian Tourism College Graduate Outcomes

CTC is proud of our graduation class, and those before it! Please enjoy this quick montage of our student’s success. Your Future, Your College.

“CTC helped me to become part of one of the leading airlines in Canada”

“CTC helped me to become a professional individual and to become part of one of the leading airlines in Canada. All instructors are very accommodating and you’ll learn a lot from them. Thanks a lot!”

– Angelica Narra

Program: Travel Tourism Business Management
Current Employment: WestJet

“Helped me get the job of my dreams”

“Going to CTC was an amazing choice for me. Working with my teacher Christina and classmates really helped build confidence in me and learn more about the industry which helped me get the job of my dreams.”

– Alejandra Franco

Program: Flight Attendant Diploma
Current Employment: Flair Air

Averi in uniform

“Helped me grow into a confident person”

“CTC helped me grow into a confident person, I wouldn’t be working with an airline now without the help of everyone at CTC. Thank you!”

– Averi Zorn

Program: Flight Attendant Diploma
Current Employment: Air Canada Rouge

“Helped me gain the skills I needed to achieve my career goals.”

“When I came to CTC I was unsure of my career goals and did not like the conventional post secondary school system, but CTC provided small class sizes with lots of one on one time with the teacher which was a huge bonus for me. By the time I had finished the diploma program, my career goals were very clear and I felt confident in my training. While I was in school I started working at Cascades Casino in Langley, and was part of the grand opening team for the new restaurant Match Eatery and Public House.”

– Angelica Genovese-Arbic

Program: Hospitality and Resort Management
Current Employment: Match Eatery & Public House at Cascades Casino

John Nagayo standing below Westjet signage

“Thank you so much”

“CTC helped me to become a more professional and a confident person. All of the staff were really nice and helpful, especially my instructor Leah. Thank you so much.”

– John Nagayo

Program: Flight Attendant
Current Employment: WestJet

Photo of alumnus Nicole Torres

“It was the right place for me to be”

“CTC is the best. It was the right place for me to be. I had nothing but good experiences with everyone. Everyone is always helpful and encouraging. Leah is the best. She really impacted my life, more than she knows. Thank you”

– Nicole Torres

Program: Flight Attendant
Current Employment: Air Canada Rouge

“Encouragement and support gave me the confidence”

“CTC is the combination of professionalism, approachable way of teaching and very supportive instructors that helped me find the career that I truly love! I am so thankful and a proud alumni of CTC!”

– Angelica Ramiso

Program: Travel & Tourism Diploma
Current Employment: WestJet

“Built confidence in myself & my skill set”

“With the help of my classmates and teacher I built confidence in myself, my abilities, natural/ historical interpretation as well as my skill set to offer future employers.”

– Heather Salmon

Program: Adventure Tourism
Current Employment: Binbrook Conservation Area

“Gave me the tools to grow & excel”

“CTC gave me the tools to not only get a job with Celebrity Cruises, but grow and excel in my department. I have been able to travel around the world while gaining essential work experience.”

– Ben Meadows

Program: Hospitality
Current Employment: Celebrity Cruises

“Helped me develop in both a personal and a professional way”

“CTC helped me develop in both a personal and a professional way. I’m grateful for the opportunities the experience has created.”

– Stephanie Mejia

Program: Flight Attendant
Current Employment: Emirates Airlines

“The best part of CTC was the mentorship”

“Since I was a young man, I have always dreamed of being a flight attendant. Life took me in a different direction, I wondered if it was too late for me to pursue my dream. There was only one way to find out, I stumbled on Canadian Tourism College and immediately enrolled and I haven’t looked back. Great course covering the many different topics in the airline industry. But the best part of CTC was the Mentorship. They coached me every step of the way, encouraging me to apply to the airlines and finally, was picked from one of the best airline in North America. United Airlines/Air Canada! I couldn’t have done it without them. Thank you.”

– Richard Mark Calata

Program: Flight Attendant
Current Employment: United Airlines

“CTC will get you where you want to be”

“Not only are they the best in travel, hospitality and tourism training, but also the gateway to the industry. If you invest in CTC, they will fully invest in you and get you where you want to be.”

– Alleli Vitug

Program: Travel & Tourism
Current Employment: Fairmont Hotels & Resorts

“Thank you for giving us a great head start to our dream careers”

“From the first day of my class until I graduated back in 2008, I knew that being a Flight Attendant was where my feet would land. The staff and my instructor were very helpful and were always with us along the way as we learned and fulfilled our dream one step at a time. The instructors’ patience and willingness to share their experiences and knowledge with us was exceptional. Even if we didn’t know what it was like to be a Flight Attendant yet at that time, our instructor walked us through her life as a Flight Attendant and made us feel like we were with her on her journey. With this program, it helped me a lot going through all my interviews. It was never easy, but with all the lessons I have learned from the CTC FA program and a strong will to becoming a FA, I can now say that I am happily working as a Flight Attendant with Air Transat for 5 years and also as a Flight Director as of November 2016. The places you will go, the friends you will meet, the experiences you will go through and everything else in between makes this job a dream job. I never feel like I am working every time I fly. I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to all the CTC staff and my wonderful instructor then, Brenda, for all the support and believing in us. Thank you for giving us a great head start to our dream careers!”

– Lucille Orcullo

Program: Flight Attendant
Current Employment: Air Transat

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