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CTC’s Career Hunters Service

CTC students and alumni have access to CTC’s Career Hunters service.

Our Mission

“Creating Career Opportunities in a Changing World”
CTC recognizes the importance of selecting a college suitable to our students’ needs. We strive to enrich
and improve our instructional methods, curriculum, qualifications and designations awarded to students to
ensure we are the leaders in the industry.

Hundreds of Exciting Travel & Tourism Job Opportunities

CTC’s Career Hunters service lists hundreds of exciting industry job opportunities.

Employers – Post Your Job with CTC

CTC graduates don’t just learn about the travel and tourism industry, they use the most current industry software, master the complete Microsoft Office suite, and many of them have either practicum or co-op work experience built right into their program. In short: CTC students are work ready the day they graduate!

Have a job you’d like us to post? Please email details to [email protected].