Student Housing

While CTC does not currently provide on-campus housing, there are many options available in the Vancouver area for student accommodation. As an institution owned and operated by the students may request accommodation services through the Accommodation Department. For more information, please contact your CTC International Admissions Coordinator.

Housing Options

There are many housing options for students in the Lower Mainland, including shared accommodation or short-term residence. The following are some of the sites that we recommend for out-of-town students looking for a place to live during their studies. (Note: we are providing the websites below as a resource for our students, but do not endorse these sites or their rental listings).


Having a comfortable place to stay while you study is important to make the most of your time here. CTC does not currently provide housing on campus. “Homestay”, where you live with a local family while studying in Canada, is one popular accommodation option for many international students. Two homestay placement companies you may want to consider checking out are:

Helpful Tips

Try to consider which factors are most important to you when deciding on where to live.

  • Would you prefer to live within walking distance from campus or are you fine with just being close to transit? If you are near transit, how often do buses run? How many transfers will you have to make?
  • Type of accommodation. Would you rather live in an apartment building or a suite in a house? Suites are often more affordable but there are advantages and disadvantages to both.
  • Privacy and noise level. Can see yourself living in a basement suite below a family with small children? In a house where your roommates throw parties every weekend? On a main road with a lot of traffic noise? Sometimes this is out of your control, but try to take it into consideration if you can.
  • When it comes to roommates, be sure to choose someone who has similar values and priorities as you do. If you need a lot of quiet time in which to study, make sure that the person or people that you live with understand your situation.
  • Which neighborhood would you like to live in? Vancouver has many unique neighborhoods that offer various benefits, such as proximity to entertainment and shopping, beaches, parks, and of course, affordability.
  • Does your rent include utilities and/or internet? Do you have furniture or will you be looking for a place that is already furnished?