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Get to know our Canadian Tourism College graduates and hear what they have to say about their experience.

Kayla Nilsson

Flight Attendant Diploma

What was the most beneficial part of your training?
Making my instructor proud, as well as the hard work paying off resulting in wonderful job opportunities and experiences.
Where are you working now?
Alaska / Horizon Air
How does working in your field compare to the training you received at CTC?
I work as a Passenger Service Agent, not a Flight Attendant. My field of work is different in some aspects, although the training at CTC prepared me with great knowledge in the field prior to working that I now use on the job, such as: airport familiarization, basic airline knowledge and terminology, etc.
Tell us about your day to day work life
My job involves ticketing passengers, working at the gate to board passengers, as well as working on the ramp.
How has CTC impacted your life?
CTC and my former instructor, Christina Ling, have given me more than enough knowledge and help to start a job in the airline industry. Collecting this previous education through CTC has definitely increased my confidence in pursuing a career with such a strict atmosphere. I am absolutely thankful for the program helping me get my foot in the door, and hopefully one day in the future I can utilize my Flight Attendant knowledge and skills to receive my wings.