Kelsie Meaden

Get to know our Canadian Tourism College graduates and hear what they have to say about their experience.


Travel and Tourism Diploma

Why did you choose to take your program at CTC?
I chose CTC because of it’s specialization in tourism and travel, and also it’s location in Vancouver.
How did your training at CTC prepare you for your current career?
CTC taught me the importance of being flexible in my goals, which led to me working somewhere I never thought I would, as a tour guide and then as a manager of a tour operator.
What did you like about your instructor(s)?
My instructor was a very easy-going guy who generally loved travel, and his experience and expertise from actually working in the travel sector helped him to be able to give real-life advice.
Tell us a bit about your current job.
I am currently the manager and social media coordinator for an adventure tour company in Saskatchewan called Treeosix.
Would you recommend CTC to others? Why?
Defnitely. There’s so many programs to choose that teach you specific skills as well as overall skills in the tourism industry. It’s also well run and a has nice facilities and instructors. I love recommending CTC.