Nathan Elander

Get to know our Canadian Tourism College graduates and hear what they have to say about their experience.


Flight Attendant Diploma

Why did you choose to take your program at CTC?
I decided to choose CTC for the Flight Attendant Pre-Employment Diploma Program as they offered small class sizes, the schedule worked around a part-time job and the instructors are wonderful and help you hands-on individually as a student making you feel fully supported. I also really enjoyed walking in the front door every day and everyone being so positive and supportive.

What did you enjoy most about your program?
With the Flight Attendant Pre-Employment Diploma Program, I really enjoyed putting myself into the day to day life of a real Flight Attendant. Learning everything from different aircraft, safety demonstrations, emergency procedures and how to deal with different passengers from around the world. I also really enjoyed the out of class field trips, getting to go to the Boeing Factory and engaging with the other students in other programs such as the tourism class and having the opportunity to go with them onto a Princess Cruise Ship that was docked in Vancouver for a tour and lunch on-board which was amazing. It was also super thrilling that the instructors come from strong backgrounds as flight attendants with big companies and have a load of knowledge and personal experiences to share.

How did your training at CTC prepare you for your current career?
My training at CTC helped me to produce a positive professional image to stand out among others. 

What did you like about your instructor(s)?
I loved my instructors!!! They were always there willing to help with a smile on their face. If I was having a bad day, they always seemed to make it better. It was also really fun to go to the other campus to meet the other instructors and students. The huge amount of encouragement and support that I received I can’t even begin to put into words and I am extremely grateful for all of my instructors help and support through my journey!

Tell us a bit about your current job.
I love working with Air Canada Rouge as a Flight Attendant or as they we like to call it “Rouge Crew”! My co-workers and management are so friendly, positive and outgoing. We are all about having fun and making the most of every moment.

Would you recommend CTC to others? Why?
I would MOST DEFINITELY recommend CTC to anyone that is interested in the travel and tourism industry. They are the most well known college in the area with amazing staff working for them. They will support you throughout your journey and even far after you’ve graduated. If you’re having second thoughts or doubting that you should take a program with CTC and have friends that have a current job that haven’t gone to CTC, I would and will always say to take the CTC course as it will make you stand out and it will give you a better understanding of the type of field that you are interested in getting into. I look forward to seeing you on the Alumni wall one day and hearing all about your success story from attending CTC.