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Get to know our Canadian Tourism College graduates and hear what they have to say about their experience.

Nicole Torres

Flight Attendant Diploma

What was the most beneficial part of your training?
I think the most beneficial part for me is learning from our instructor, who was a flight attendant for more than 10 years, about the aviation industry. She really shared her wisdom and knowledge to us.
Where are you working now?
Air Canada Rouge
Tell us about your day to day work life
First and foremost, every day is different! I get to meet different people and impact their lives even in the smallest of ways. Having the chance to go to places I have never been to is the cherry on top.
What did you like about your instructor(s)?
The instructor was kind and understandable, she took the necessary time with all the students to clarify any misunderstood information.
How has CTC impacted your life?
It was such a fun experience being in an environment where everyone is supporting each other, rooting for each other. I can definitely say that I have made life-long connections during my time in CTC.