Ozzy Goksel

Get to know our Canadian Tourism College graduates and hear what they have to say about their experience.


Hospitality Diploma

Why did you choose to take your program at CTC?
CTC did a presentation at my high school and after graduation, the program offerings really stuck with me. When I went to meet with the career advisors, they were very informative about the different programs they offered and helped me make the best decision for my career.

What did you enjoy most about your program?
The most enjoyable aspect of the program was our off-site activities because they gave us the opportunity to learn about the industry in real time.

How did your training at CTC prepare you for your current career?
CTC’s curriculum is prepared and put together by those who have experience working within the hospitality industry which makes a huge difference. I was able to learn from retired professionals who experienced life on cruise ships, aircraft, hotels etc. They taught me how to deal with every day occurrences in the work place.

What did you like about your instructor(s)?
My instructor, Dolores, was very knowledgeable about different aspects of the hospitality industry. Dolores was very helpful and supportive whenever new job opportunities came around and was always there to assist when needed.

Tell us a bit about your current job.
I am one of the Assistant Front Office Managers at the Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre Hotel. I have been in this position for one full year and loving every minute! There is a lot of excitement and new situations that arise daily which make the job interesting and fun all at the same time. I look forward to furthering my career more so that hopefully one day I can become a department leader.

Would you recommend CTC to others? Why?
Yes – I would recommend CTC to others. The reason being is that it was all hands-on training and you learn from industry professionals who help provide real life experiences to the classroom. All instructors were very knowledgeable and there for the students whenever they needed.