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Flight Attendant Diploma

Stephanie Meija
Why did you choose to take your program at CTC?
It was recommended to me by a trusted friend.
What did you enjoy most about your program?
The flight attendant program was very informative if I may say it had every detail possible to prepare you for the flight attendant career, which for me it did.
How did your training at CTC prepare you for your current career?
The flight attendant training that I received at CTC prepared me to a professional and personal level to be aware of my surroundings and to understand the needs of others. Creating my resume was one of the highlights for me, I was able to understand how to create a short but strong history of work, which I had no experience in doing before.
What did you like about your instructor(s)?
The instructor was kind and understandable, she took the necessary time with all the students to clarify any misunderstood information.
Tell us a bit about your current job.
In 2015 While attending CTC I applied for the Cabin Crew Position with Emirates Airline. Emirates gave me an 8 week training after I was hired by them. I was trained to operate the Airbus 380
aircraft and the Boeing 777-300/200 aircraft, as well as in Group Medical Training (GMT), Security, Professional Image, and Extended Service On Board. I have been with Emirates now for three (3) years, and looking forward to many more. I enjoy my career and it has become a passion of mine.
Would you recommend CTC to others? Why?
Attending CTC helped me develop the knowledge and skills necessary to perform my best as a flight attendant in the airline of my choice.

Stephanie Meija Collage