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Program Fees & Finances

Finding the funds to go to school is never easy.

AT CTC we work hard to keep the cost of our programs reasonable. Your education is an important investment, so here’s everything you need to know about paying for school.

Program Fees & Finances

We don’t see the point in hiding how much our programs cost. Below is a breakdown per program.

Tuition fees are in Canadian dollars. Total costs include materials, supplies, uniform, grad and archive fees.

TOTAL FEES Below include application fees.

International Application Fee: $200 (non refundable) | Domestic Application Fee: $100 (non refundable)

*International Students: Total Fees include health insurance. $159 for the Flight Attendant Diploma and Hospitality Certificate; $318 for the Hospitality Co-op Certificate and Tourism Co-op Certificate; $159 for the Hospitality and Tourism Certificate; $635 for the Hospitality & Resort Business Management Diploma w/o Co-op, Travel & Tourism Business Management Diploma w/o Co-op.


Program Name First Year Second Year
Hospitality & Resort Business management Diploma ( 1 Year ) Tuition Fee: $19,000
Hospitality & Resort Business management Co – Op Diploma ( 2 Year ) Tuition Fee: 1st year $20,000 2nd year $15,000
Travel & Tourism Business Management Diploma ( 1 Year ) Tuition Fee: $18,500
Travel & Tourism Business Co – op Diploma ( 2 Year ) Tuition Fee: 1st year $20,000 2nd Year $12,000



*Includes Essentials Health Insurance required for international students.
Co-op programs include paid work experience.

This fee schedule may be subject to change without notice. Tuition and fees may be subject to change pending approval.

Budget Calculator

Use our Budget Calculator to help figure out exactly how much you’ll need while in school. Remember, you’ll need to pay your tuition and fees but you’ll also need to pay things like rent, utilities, car payments, etc!

Budget Calculator

Financial Aid

There are numerous resources available to help you pay for school. Some options to consider include:

Talk to your Admissions Advisor about CTC’s payment plan options!

Refund Policy

For more details on our Refund Policy please view here:

Student Payments

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