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*Program has been approved for delivery by the registrar of the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB). *Program has been approved for delivery by the registrar of the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB). **International Students: This program is not eligible for Postgraduate work permit program (PGWPP). To be eligible for a PGWPP you must transfer to one of our pathway institutions. For more details, please visit our international students page.

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Adventure Tourism

Total program duration 775 hours (29 weeks)

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Adventure Tourism

Business Diploma

Total program duration 775 hours (29 weeks)

Adventure Tourism Business Diploma Courses

Total program duration 775 hours (29 weeks)
The Adventure Tourism Business Diploma includes all of the courses listed above, plus the following business courses:
An introduction to studying for college level courses. Students will better understand time management, work/life balance, different approaches to studying (Auditory, Visual, Tactile), and tips and tricks to study more efficiently.
This course is an introduction to computing technology and basic IT skills. Students will become familiar with basic IT terminology, setting up a PC and identifying the essential components the PC should have based on the needs of the individual. Learn how to install software and identify and address any security risks on a computer, as well as how to prevent further problems.

Learn to develop skills that will help you manage and organize your appointments, your contacts and your communication through emails in the business world and enable you to better organize and schedule your work, school, and home life.

This course is aimed at developing the skills of creating and managing presentations, working with images, SmartArt, and WordArt to enhance presentations, inserting tables, charts, animations, and transitions. Furthermore, learning how to share and deliver a presentation once it is completed.
This course explores handling and understanding communication processes in the work place. Students will learn effective methods of how to communicate within an organization by using tools such as email and social media. Develop the written and verbal skills to present your opinion in an assertive manner.
Develop the skills of creating, editing, formatting, and managing documents for a consistent and professional look for business purposes.
Learn how to create, format and manage data sheets, giving them an overall professional look suitable for the workplace. Students will also learn how to analyse the data, create graphs and charts, and modify them as necessary.

Upon completion of this program the successful student will have reliably demonstrated the ability to:

  • Navigate through basic skills of avalanche terrain including: route finding, snow-pack analysis and avalanche rescue
  • Foundational knowledge preparing students for the Class 4 license examination, commercial license
  • Identify and describe interpretation by both personal and non-personal interpretation by method and setting
  • Demonstrate leading wilderness trips in a variety of venues focusing on laws governing and techniques used as a guide and manager during an excursion
  • Identify areas such as weather, plate tectonics, glaciology and more designed to give students practical knowledge of these environments while educating clients
  • Navigate the ocean safely with kayaking skills in maneuvering, equipment, self and group rescue, navigation, group management, leadership, and advanced kayaking techniques
  • Acquire knowledge and skills to complete prerequisites to write the British Columbia River Rafting Guide Examinations certification
  • Define business-planning terms, research feasibility, prepare a business plan and make arrangements for business start-up
  • Define marketing terms; develop a marketing plan after determining the feasibility of the market and implementing the marketing strategies determined to be the most effective for the company and product using promotional activities
  • How to assess and manage injuries caused by force as well as non-traumatic illnesses, common medical conditions, and small wounds
  • Recognize and apply current legal considerations for care and risk management procedures
  • Use field portable medical supplies and available resources to provide emergency care
  • Enhance complex evacuation planning skills with special emphasis on long-term patient care

Employment Opportunities

A career in Adventure Tourism Business  can take you anywhere, from adventure tour operator to travel consultant. With education and experience in this field, you can create a career catered to your specific interests and skills. The options are endless! The following are some examples:

Employment Opportunities

After successful completion of this program, students will also receive the following Certifications in addition to their Flight Attendant Diploma:

Meet our Adventure Tourism Instructor

Brent Hillier

– Brent Hillier

Brent has been working in the Outdoor Industry in Sea to Sky Corridor of British Columbia for over a decade. Leading Hiking and Backpacking Trips, teaching survival and navigation courses and helping Snowshoers and Backcountry Skiers avoid and manage Avalanche risk. Brent brings his experience and expertise to the Adventure Tourism students through hands on learning and in the field practice.

Adventure Tourism Alumni Testimonials


– Built confidence in myself & my skill set

“With the help of my classmates and teacher I built confidence in myself, my abilities, natural/ historical interpretation as well as my skill set to offer future employers.” – Heather Salmon Adventure Tourism Graduate, 2016 Current Employment: Binbrook Conservation Area.

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