Andrea Villanueva

Get to know our Canadian Tourism College graduates and hear what they have to say about their experience.


Flight Attedant Graduate and FA at Air Canada Rouge

Why did you choose to take your program at CTC?
I wanted to know if being in the aviation industry was the right career choice for me. They definitely helped me get the wings that I proudly wear to this day!
What did you enjoy most about your program?
Meeting people who shared the same dreams and completing the program together.
What did you like about your instructor(s)?
She had years of experience from Air Canada as a flight attendant. Hearing her stories about what it was like inspired me to keep pushing forward to get the job of my dreams.
Tell us a bit about your current job.
I’m a flight attendant for Air Canada Rouge. I’ve been flying for a few months now and it’s an experience like no other. Visiting places that I have never been to with a wonderful crew complement makes me feel like home away from home.
Would you recommend CTC to others? Why?
I would because you can decide if this line of work is for you. I had cold feet before I joined CTC, and I’m glad I got to use this program as a stepping stone for the career of my dreams. Thank you CTC fam! See you all in the skies.