Canadian Tourism College earns designated learning institute status

The Canadian Tourism College (CTC), with campuses in Vancouver and Surrey, British Columbia, recently earned designated learning institute status (#019 301 323 922) [from who?]. This designation means that CTC’s international students can work up to 20 hours per week while attending the college in a program 6 months in length or longer.

The Government of Canada has a released new rules to international student programs. These new rules will reduce the potential for fraud or misuse of the program while protecting Canada’s international reputation for high-quality education and improving services to genuine students,and will come into force on June 1, 2014. These rules consist of:

  • limiting the issuance of study permits to applicants who will be studying at a designated learning institution, including institutions that are designated by provinces and territories on the basis of meeting minimum standards;
  • requiring students to actively pursue their studies while in Canada; and
  • allowing full-time international students enrolled at designated institutions in certain programs to work part time off campus and full time during scheduled school breaks without a work permit.

Gaining Canadian work experience is an excellent opportunity for international students.

Please reference the Government of Canada website for the specifics of these new international student program rules.

What does this mean for current CTC international students?

All international students enrolled in programs longer than 6 months are eligible to work up to 20 hours a week while studying with CTC. The employment does not have to be related to their field of study.

This provides some flexibility for those enrolled in co-op diploma programs.

The practicum component of diploma programs can be paid opportunities vs. volunteer (based on the placement and on a student-by-student basis).

What does this mean for international students interested in studying with CTC?

The new Government of Canada rules open up a wide range of employment opportunities that weren’t previously available to international students.

Those interested in registering for our co-op diploma programs may be eligible for a scholarship of $2,000 (some rules apply; please contact Danielle Park at [email protected].)

For more details on CTC’s designated learning institute status, please contact us at